“A different journey every day”, the new exhibition at the Ferry Pier

"A different journey every day" is the name of this exhibition, which aims to demonstrate the importance of individual and collective responsibility of environmental citizenship. With visually appealing content and aimed at different age groups, the passage through the "Doca do Comércio" (Setúbal Ferry pier) provides us with an autonomous [...]

Pro Golf Tour in Troia

From 15 to 17 March, Troia is hosting the most important golf tournament ever of the international professionals tour, Portugal Pro Golf Tour. According to José Correia, the chairman of the Portugal PGA and member of the Board of the Portuguese Golf Federation, “Troia Golf is an excellent and challenging [...]

Smooth mobility in Troia

If you are a frequent guest in the peninsula, you've probably noticed the growing number of bicycles going around TROIA RESORT. While there's nothing new about our guests who, year after year, are increasingly captivated by this healthy and organic means of transport, now the security team of TROIA RESORT [...]

7 Reasons to Visit Troia, Portugal

Have you ever thought about vacationing in Troia? This is a quiet region and of great tourist interest, especially for the relaxing effects it has on every visitor. Certainly, with a visit to this region, you will feel calmer to face the challenges that you usually have in your day-to-day [...]

The best beaches near Lisbon 🌅

It goes without saying that many of the beaches near Lisbon are among the most charming and pleasant in the entire country. But then again, with over 960 miles of beaches to explore, there is no shortage of options available! The area around Lisbon boasts some of the most beautiful cities, villages [...]


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