Why rent a Troia Beach House?

Imagine yourself in this scenario: you left work Friday afternoon and the weather is great to enjoy a few days on the beach, so you head to your beach house, when traffic is still not that unbearable, and you spend all weekend there. Waking up to the ocean breeze, enjoying [...]

[Top 10] The Best Beaches in Portugal🏄🌞

When the Atlantic Ocean mixes with the continental coast, the landscapes that result are breathtaking. When one thinks about the best beaches in Portugal, the Alentejo beaches appear in mind due to their paradise look to them. The beaches of Troia, without a doubt, are excellent. But it is not only [...]

Visit the city of Evora

It is about time you visit this historic city in the heart of the Alentejo region with a wealth of cultural heritage. Évora has to offer charming palaces, monasteries, churches, communal areas and the exquisite flavours of the traditional cuisine. Also, one cannot go to this city in Alentejo and [...]

Visit the Lousal Mines

Only 74 km/60 minutes from Troia, the Centro Ciência Viva do Lousal will take you on a journey through time, back to when the mine of Lousal was operational. This mine and the mining village belonged to 19th century mining grounds. Located in the municipality of Grândola, here the minerals [...]

Trip to the Beach and dunes Trail

Over 60 kilometres of sandy beach extending from Troia to Sines, shaped by the waves and wind, is indeed a long stretch of sand. The trail will take you first along the beach and then through the dunes. If you are lucky you may even watch flocks of small birds [...]


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