Discover the 10 reasons for exploring Troia and unveil the splendour of this wonderful destination.

Feel at home.

Imagine returning once again to your holiday retreat and finding everything in perfect order: clean streets, manicured gardens, a welcoming home and operative security and maintenance services. Imagine your children playing freely in the parks or running on flat sand. Join them for a run or a game, your cares swept away by the gentle ocean waves washing ashore. Imagine returning to your day-to-day concerns knowing that your property is not one of them. Freedom means housekeeping and property management services, or even holiday rental services if you wish to earn income from your investment. You can also count on an exclusive concierge to recommend the best activities, the best locations to visit, or the best way to surprise your guests.
What to do in Troia?

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1st Reason

Admire the infinite horizon of sea and beach against the backdrop of the Arrábida mountain range and the bay of Setúbal.

2nd Reason

Come see the unique ecosystems of the Troia Peninsula and over 600 species in the Sado estuary.

3rd Reason

Explore the fauna and flora of Troia on the trails between the Beach and the Caldeira lagoon; learn about the context and the native species with each step you take.

4th Reason

Interact with the friendliest inhabitants of the Sado estuary, the bottlenose dolphins, and find out why they make up one of the world's most interesting groups.

5th Reason

Visit the Caldeira bird observatory and learn how hundreds of water birds feed, rest and reproduce.

6th Reason

Discover the largest known fish-salting facility in the Roman world.

7th Reason

Enjoy one of the first National Monuments of Portugal, where queen Maria I, whilst still a princess, did some archaeological digging herself.

8th Reason

Allow yourself to get caught up in the enthusiasm of the archaeologists leading the guided tours.

9th Reason

Go back 2000 years in history in a place that reveals much about the day-to-day life of the people of Troia during the Roman times: their work, home life, religion and habits of hygiene.

10th Reason

Explore the variety of activities available: hikes, reenactments, plays, concerts and birthday parties.

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Tróia is a sandbank bathed by the Atlantic Ocean on the West and the Estuary of the Sado River on the East. The unique location endows it with immense environmental wealth.

In this privileged setting, which includes settings ranging from the beach, dunes  and wetland, to an estuary and pine forest, TROIA RESORT emerged, a project which made the preservation and enhancement of its environmental heritage its differentiating factors.

The progress of TROIA RESORT has been backed by an environmental management system that has progressively come to include design, construction and operation activities.