A property in Troia adds something special to your life. A home, an escape, an experience. It brings new opportunities and a different way of living.

An investment in life

Welcome to Troia

Paradise so near

What if your getaway retreat was this close? Welcome to the Peninsula of Troia, less than a one-hour drive from Lisbon, where there’s time to forget about day-to-day concerns and to focus on what is essential. Here, there’s time for you, your family and friends, whilst indulging in the pleasant climate and living close to nature where the ocean gently laps at the golden sand of endless beaches.

Unique concept.
The landscape, shaped over millennia, is now preserved by strict environmental protection directives that have limited occupation to an area of 1,100 hectares, dotted with apartments, townhouses and single-family homes. An oasis drawing inspiration from a beach lifestyle in an ambience of privacy and exclusiveness. The benefits of a modern resort perfectly adapted to an exceptional landscape, make Troia a singular location in concept, elegance and quality.