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Do you know Troia Mobile App already?

Troia Resort has an app with all the necessary contents so you can locate, organize and have a good stay on the peninsula. The Troia Resort app is free and available in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish for Android and iOS devices.

These are some of the features available on the Troia Resort app:

  • Useful information about Troia and about all Troia Resort properties with map location and photos;
  • Access to personalized and creative itineraries, with activities ranging from hiking, dolphin watching and golf to shows and events;
  • Detailed Maps with the exact location and GPS coordinates also available offline;
  • Constantly updated weather forecasts;
  • Scheduling accommodation and activities directly from your smartphone;
  • List of services and activities in Troia available in the area, with opening hours and exact location. It includes golf courses, restaurants, supermarkets, shops, parks, recreational activities, health services, public bathrooms and car parks, among others. Essentially, everything you might need during your stay in Troia;
  • Directions with the best ways to get to Troia;
  • Contacts through which you can speak directly with Troia Resort.
In addition, users who are interested may also consult information on investment in properties in the peninsula.

The app also has an option to download all content for offline browsing. So, just download it prior and you will not need mobile data or wifi to have access to almost all of the above features.

With the Troia Resort app as a travel companion, you can have a specialized, personalized and free guide in your pocket and a click away. You can explore the wonders of Troia in a more practical, comfortable and efficient way. Without unforeseen moments and with no wasted time.