Discover the 10 reasons for visiting and enjoying with your family the wonders that Troia has to offer.

  • O que fazer em Troia
  • O que fazer em Troia
  • O que fazer em Troia
1st Reason

Discover Troia in safety. Park your car and take the trails, cycle paths and gardens, for pedestrians only.

2nd Reason

Allow the little ones to run around free on the 15-km long fine white sandy beach with its calm waters, where they can play on the sand and splash in the water without spoiling your neighbour's towel.

3rd Reason

Go on a boat ride in the bay and let the irresistible bottlenose dolphins of the River Sado sweep you off your feet.

4th Reason

Trust our dedicated staff to take good care of your children and ensure they have a good time with activities, challenges and shows. Even the swimming pools have been designed with the young ones in mind.

5th Reason

Go back in time during a visit to the Roman Ruins of Troia.

6th Reason

Savour the regional flavours, while the little ones enjoy menus specially prepared for them.

7th Reason

Relax with the family in apartments with ample space and solutions for large families.

8th Reason

Discover your favourite sport in Troia: football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, golf and water sports.

9th Reason

Explore the surrounding biodiversity and share environmental values.

10th Reason

Pack your bags and set out for adventure: even if you forget something essential, there is a pharmacy and a medical office at your disposal.

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