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When the Atlantic Ocean mixes with the continental coast, the landscapes that result are breathtaking. When one thinks about the best beaches in Portugal, the Alentejo beaches appear in mind due to their paradise look to them. The beaches of Troia, without a doubt, are excellent.

But it is not only the Alentejo beaches that are considered the best beaches in Portugal. The best ones are scattered all over the Portuguese coast and, believe it or not, some are true masterpieces of nature.

Read on and discover the most desired beaches in Portugal in the list below.

Meet the Top 10 Beaches in Portugal

1. Galé Beach, Troia

This is a beach that lies within the Resort of Troia and we believe it to be one of the best choices for your next trip. This, fortunately, has few bathers per square meter, as a rule, allowing you to have space to enjoy this paradise in a more intimate way.

Besides the little movement, this tourist destination offers diverse landscapes that will leave you dazzled. It is certainly a good choice for those who want to relax from the stressful life of everyday life.

2. Troia Mar Beach, Tróia

The Troia Mar Beach, also located in Troia, stands out aswell. It has gained fame since it became the region’s first saltwater beach, offering a calm sea and breathtaking views. From the main sights can be highlighted the dunes and the Serra da Arrábida.

Due to the extension of the beach, you do not have to worry about the lack of space. Arriving early or a little later, you will always find space for yourself on this Alentejo beach.

3. Moledo Beach, Caminha

Next to the picturesque village of Caminha, is the Moledo Beach, located in the north of Portugal. This is a beach for everyone, from politicians, families or famous people. One of the main reasons of this being a choice of the Portuguese is the quiet and peaceful atmosphere that is felt in the place.

This is a blue flag zone, known for having infrastructures for all needs. You can count on bars and restaurants, surf schools to give this sport an opportunity and a playground for the younger ones. Everything you need for a great beach day can be found here.

4. Arda Beach, Viana do Castelo

Since we mentioned the surf in the previous point, we will talk about a very good beach for this sport. Arda Beach is an excellent option for those who want to put their surfer skills into practice.

Of course, although it is the paradise of all surfers, it is a beach where many go just to be in the sun or even go to the water. It is also a great place for relaxation, as in addition to the natural landscape typical of the beach, you can also see the dunes that offer a new point in favor of the place.

5. São Jacinto Beach, Aveiro

The Portuguese Venice also offers an incredible beach destination, São Jacinto Beach, and this is one of the best options for those who are close to the region. Although access to this beach is not the easiest, its natural characteristics surprise.

One of the biggest attractions of this beach is the possibility of having two currents: the calm waters of the Ria de Aveiro and the rough waters of the Atlantic. This detail shows how indicated this beach is for the whole family.

6. São Martinho do Porto Beach

This is a shell beach that is located in the region of São Martinho do Porto, a place that seduces before we even arrive. The beach has a flat sand and very calm waters, allowing a moment of leisure without worries.

This beach has a blue flag and offers the convenience of having all the services close by, from restaurants to bars and even shops. In addition, if you walk along the bay, you will reach the other end, known as Salir do Porto.

7. Carvalhal Beach, Odemira

This Alentejo beach, located in the region of Odemira, is one of the best known and best beaches in Portugal. Not being a very extensive beach, the possibility of diving safely and all the support provided in the place are just some of the characteristics that allow this beach to be in the top 10 best beaches in Portugal.

The surrounding scenery is also inviting, as the cliffs offer an attractive landscape, while harboring the windy beach. As soon as you lay down on your towel, you will feel the soft sea breeze and hear the sound of the waves.

Want more? This beach is also classified as blue flag, so it will be safe to dive.

8. Rocha Beach, Algarve

This Algarve beach is so well known by the Portuguese that it does not even need presentations. This is located in Portimão and, if you want to have an unforgettable experience, watch it from the top of the cliffs. You’ll see a landscape that could come out of a movie.

There will also be the well-known Santa Catarina Fortress, a wooden walkway for strolling along the beach and lots of fun to be had in the bars and restaurants of the area.

9. Porto Santo, Madeira

Passing to the islands, you can prepare your visit to the Madeira region and enjoy the beach of Porto Santo. This is considered one of the best beaches in Portugal due to its extension of fine golden sand and its waters, which have proven to have therapeutic properties.

This is one of those beaches you will want to visit with the whole family.

10. Ribeira Quente Beach, Azores

Still on the islands, you can find the fantastic Ribeira Quente beach in the Azores. Although the beach is not a priority for those who visit the Azores, know that this is a great place to spend a relaxing day enjoying the sun.

The best feature of this beach are the high temperature waters, something that few beaches can offer but that is very relaxing. To avoid the hottest hours, you can visit Furnas, located 7 km away.

Have you chosen the next Portuguese beach that will be the target of your visit? Will it be the beaches of Troia or will it be up north? Whatever your choice, prepare your trip and relax in one of the selections from the list above.

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