7 Reasons to Visit Troia, Portugal

Have you ever thought about vacationing in Troia? This is a quiet region and of great tourist interest, especially for the relaxing effects it has on every visitor. Certainly, with a visit to this region, you will feel calmer to face the challenges that you usually have in your day-to-day life.

However relaxation is not the only reason why this is a tourist choice. Other reasons are the activities that this location offers, the fantastic beaches you can walk, among many other things.

If you are in doubt as to whether this is the right place to visit, find below the main reasons why we consider visiting Troia to be a worthwhile experience. At the end tell us how your personal experience in Troia went.

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Troia

1. Breathtaking Beaches

The beaches should be the number one reason to visit Troia. The beaches of this location are clean and have blue water, inviting to any visitor. The beach, due to its extension, is also an excellent reason to visit because it allows you to enjoy a few days of sun without being bothered right next to your towel.
If you travel with children, they can also run around the beach without the problem of bothering someone who is by your side. The privacy, in this case, is a great reason to visit Troia.

2. Possibility of seeing dolphins

One of the possibilities that this region offers is to see the dolphins Roazes do Sado, something that can occur during the crossing of the river Sado through the ferries, a trip that lasts for about 20 minutes. However this trip only gives the possibility of seeing this mammal – it does not guarantee it – so if you want to see it, you should get in touch with the competent people and find out the best time to have this unique experience.

3. Diversity of outdoor activities

Visiting Troia will also give you the possibility of doing various outdoor activities, especially those that are linked to the environment of the destination. Among the best known are water activities, such as surfing or bodyboarding, as well as boat rental for a stroll in the sea.
Other activities that may be of interest are the possibility to play golf, walks on the beach or in the green surroundings of the region or attending organized events and musical shows. There is so much to do, and for this reason, you only need to choose which activity best suits your particular taste.

4. Unforgettable horseback riding

Horseback riding is always a great reason to visit a region, but Troia makes most of horseback riding experiences normal. Here, you can learn horseback riding with experts in the area, but also ride in the sand, something uncommon in most places.
If you want to participate in this incredible experience, you should contact those responsible 48 hours in advance and make your appointment.

5. Awaken the curiosity of the younger ones

If you want to visit Troia with your little ones, you can expect a positive reaction from your children. This region, besides the fabulous beaches and the possibility of doing various outdoor activities, has several places that will give children new knowledge, whether historical or about the animal world.
Due to the large amount of green spaces, children can also run freely and play around. You will see that it will be a great choice for your young ones!

6. Place of historical interest

Troia has several historical monuments of interest that will offer a more in-depth knowledge in the area. If possible, hire the services of a tour guide, so as to know the whole history associated with each monument you visit during your stay.
Among many of the monuments present in Troia will be the Roman ruins of Troia – also known as one of the main fish preservations – and the Chapel of Our Lady of Troia, which you can also visit.

7. Security guaranteed

Usually, the tourist places that offer diverse activities of amusement and relaxation, have a negative side: the lack of security. Troia has proven that it is possible to put all characteristics together and create a perfect resort where your holiday will make perfect sense.
Security issues are taken very seriously and, as proof of this, cars are parked and people often walk around and visit the area on foot, whether at night or by day. This is the ideal place if you are looking for a safe place away from home.

Is that you? Have you scored your next vacation yet? Thought of visiting Troy during this period? If so, enjoy your trip and tell us all about the experience you had.

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