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The best beaches near Lisbon 🌅

It goes without saying that many of the beaches near Lisbon are among the most charming and pleasant in the entire country. But then again, with over 960 miles of beaches to explore, there is no shortage of options available! The area around Lisbon boasts some of the most beautiful [...]

Why rent a Troia Beach House?

Imagine yourself in this scenario: you left work Friday afternoon and the weather is great to enjoy a few days on the beach, so you head to your beach house, when traffic is still not that unbearable, and you spend all weekend there. Waking up to the ocean breeze, enjoying [...]

7 Reasons to Visit Troia, Portugal

  Have you ever thought about vacationing in Troia? This is a quiet region and of great tourist interest, especially for the relaxing effects it has on every visitor. Certainly, with a visit to this region, you will feel calmer to face the challenges that you usually have in your [...]

[Top 10] The Best Beaches in Portugal🏄🌞

When the Atlantic Ocean mixes with the continental coast, the landscapes that result are breathtaking. When one thinks about the best beaches in Portugal, the Alentejo beaches appear in mind due to their paradise look to them. The beaches of Troia, without a doubt, are excellent. But it is not [...]


Alcácer do Sal, historic city overlooking the Sado River, is packed with old medieval neighbourhoods and a Moorish castle on the hilltop. A few kilometres from Alcácer, along the River, the Sado estuary nature reserve extends over 23,160 hectares, composed mainly of wetlands, namely channels, river banks and marshes. The [...]


Either due to rising commitment to health and well-being, or just for the fun of it, the fact is that the sports phenomenon is here to stay, and the Portuguese increasingly look for places with a supply of sports activities. Golf Course - Recently rated one of the top 20 [...]


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