Look for buoy No. 2 and then navigate on the heading of the entrance (Azimuth=040) for about 3 miles to the Outão fort.

At night, when approaching the backshore, and all the way until swinging towards the channel leading to Tróia, keep on the previous heading – (formed by Doca and Azeda lighthouses).

After buoy No. 4 the channel widens slightly, but keep on the heading.

Pass the Outão lighthouse, then passing by buoy No. 5 you see TROIA RESORT on the starboard side, by the Ponta do Adoxe.

Sail half a mile past buoy No.5 further along the entry lane. Turn starboard, keeping a safe distance from land.

On the starboard side, the TROIA MARINA is marked with Starboard (EB) and Portside (BB).

After entering the marina, moor alongside the reception and fuel dock to starboard.

Welcome to the TROIA MARINA, perfect for sea lovers.

38º 29′ 38” N – 8º 54′ 08” W