Troia Resort

Caldeira and Pine Forest Trail

This trail takes you through two different environments: the Caldeira lagoon and the surrounding pine forest.

Caldeira is a lagoon which fills up and empties twice a day with the tide, unveiling the wetland and muddy bottoms. It is an area of great value that provides food and shelter to many species of waterfowl, such as the sanderling, bar-tailed godwit, herons and mergansers.

The wetlands, typical of estuaries in mild climates, are the basis of complex and varied food webs; they play a very important role in cleaning the water and preserving biodiversity.

The pine forest encompasses the oldest dunes in Tróia. It is mostly composed of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) and stone pine (Pinus pinea), but also includes plants like pistacia lentiscus, armeria maritima and corema album.  The juniper (Juniperus turbinata and J. navicularis), lichens, the Linaria ficalhoana and Ionopsidium acaule, two small rare plants which grow here, must be noted.