Troia Resort

Golden Visa

New legal provisions have made it possible for foreign investors to request a residency permit designed to attract foreign investment. The golden visa programme applies to any person who enters Portuguese territory legally with the aim of transferring funds, creating jobs or purchasing property.

Those holding a residency permit for investments are entitled to:

  • Bring their families to join them;
  • Acess a permanent visa;
  • Obtain Portuguese nationality (optional).

Who can request a residency permit for investments?

Non EU-Citizens making, either personally or through the intermediary of a company, an investment in Portuguese territory for a minimum duration of five years that meets at least of one of the following criteria:

  • Property investment into assets worth €400,000 or more (Aplies to Troia because it’s a low density construction area);
  • Transfer of funds equal to 1 million euros or more (including investments in shares and shareholdings in companies);
  • The creation of at least 10 jobs.