Troia Resort


The colony of bottlenose dolphins in the River Sado is unique in Portugal and is one of the very few in the whole of Europe having an estuary as its home. Tróia-Natura, a company of Sonae Capital, has helped with its conservation through several projects.

Along the banks of the peninsula of Tróia there are half immersed prairies covered in sea plants, which are actually nurseries and where emblematic species, like seahorses, cuttlefish and clams, are found.

Along the river Sado, upstream from the TROIA MARINA, the typical white sandy beach gives way to a pebble beach, with rich biodiversity, where one finds sea carrots, anemones, crabs, shrimp, whelks, sea snails, oysters, sea urchins, starfish and even mollusc and fish eggs, etc.