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Troia Light House, integrated in Ocean Village, is the combination of clarity and brightness. The house has enough energy to merge with the surrounding green.When you enter you will either choose the private spaces or the large and wide room that leads to the garden. Through the living room you will discover a modern and up-to-date kitchen, where you will want to be.

The light from the first floor illuminates the stairs and invites you to climb. You will find two suites, facing the sea and the front of the beach house. The bathrooms, thought to the detail, have distinctive characteristics, of management of the space and the ability to interact with the sea, that is in front.

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About the Ocean Village and Troia Beach Houses:

The Ocean Village, composed of 90 beach houses V2 tipology, is the area of Troia Resort dedicated to leisure and sharing with friends and family.

It extends over nearly 3.5 hectares of area open only to property Owners, their relatives, friends and guests.

Located in an area that affords a sea view, Troia Resort Ocean Village is an exclusive space, close to the beach front, surrounded by ample green spaces.

There are 3 different types of beach houses, each with its own personality:

About Troia Resort:

Troia Resort is a tourist resort of SONAE Capital.

Just one hour from Lisbon, located between the Sado Estuary and the Serra da Arrábida, Troia Resort offers luxury apartments, lots for villas, ready-to-live-in villas, marina, golf, 4 and 5 star hotels, Racket club (Padel and Tennis court), sports fields, shops, restaurants and lots of biodiversity to observe and enjoy in your future holiday home!


Telephone: +351 265 105 508

Come and see Portugal lifestyle and live Troia like never before.#LivingTroia

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