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Alcácer do Sal, historic city overlooking the Sado River, is packed with old medieval neighbourhoods and a Moorish castle on the hilltop. A few kilometres from Alcácer, along the River, the Sado estuary
nature reserve extends over 23,160 hectares, composed mainly of wetlands, namely channels, river banks and marshes. The castle of Alcácer do Sal is one of the city’s main tourist attractions. From the early occupation times, fishing and salt mining brought wealth to the region, surpassed only in the mid 19 century by rice production. The castle rose over the left bank (South) of the Sado, currently forming part of the Portuguese Costa Azul tourist region.
The rich gastronomy is one other attraction of the city. Founded on the Mediterranean trilogy of bread, olive oil and wine, the locals have added herbs and other local produce, lamb, pork and venison in particular.



Alcácer do Sal, a city recognized for it rich gastronomyand Conventual Confectionery.

Restaurante A ESCOLA – This restaurant on a old primary school, preserve the gastronomic heritage of the Sado region. One of the most typical dish is “Empada de coelho” bravo accompanied by pinion rice.
Contacto: (+351) 265 612 816
A city famous for its local crafts, the work of the craftsmens is characterized by the use of various
materials present in everyday life and by the recreation of traditions of agricultural work.



City that is approximately 45 km from Troia.
Direction Comporta and following the N253 towards
Alcácer do Sal.

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