Tróia Resort

Real Estate

10 reasons for purchasing a home in Tróia.

1st Reason

Let yourself get carried away by the breathtaking landscape and environmental value of Tróia, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Estuary of the Sado River and Arrábida mountain range.

2nd Reason

Set out from Lisbon and in less than one hour discover Tróia with all of its unique cultural, environmental, natural and gastronomic features.

3rd Reason

Have fun with the family in Tróia - some of the best golf courses in Portugal, the excitement of the Tróia marina, and a journey through history at the Roman Ruins of Tróia.

4th Reason

Invest in a home with an annual guaranteed rate of return of up to 5% in the first 3 years.

5th Reason

Find the real estate product best suited to your needs - apartments, beach houses or building plots.

6th Reason

Appreciate the quality of construction and choose finished and turn-key solutions.

7th Reason

Use our tourist management services and delegate all daily issues related to the property, including its exploitation.

8th Reason

Place your trust in the soundness and credibility of SONAE CAPITAL, the main promoter of TROIA RESORT.

9th Reason

Relax in Tróia in a safe and peaceful environment.

10th Reason

Open the window with a sea view and enjoy the beach at your doorstep.

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